Village Dance Arts is dedicated to offering quality dance education. 


Founded in 1969, Village Dance Arts has been offering excellence in dance education for over forty years. Rooted in the best of American and European dance traditions, the school is committed to the artistic and physical development of its students. Village Dance Arts' philosophy is founded on the classicism of the Russian, Italian, and French ballet schools, and is enhanced by the versatility of modern movement forms. Under the direction of Toni Ebell Carrion, the program develops talent in a manner that will ensure a lifetime involvement in, and enjoyment of, dance. Village Dance Arts is a Royal Academy of Dance Registered School.


It is our purpose to nurture and produce dancers who, by working within their physical limitations, can demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency along with musical awareness and expressiveness. It is our goal to provide quality dance training in a positive and supportive environment. Through dance training, we aim to foster self confidence and discipline in our students, and maintain an atmosphere where students are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential regardless of ability levels.